Terms and Conditions


Our items contain real maces, this is important to keep in mind because they may be a little sharp but not unbearable. I am not legally, financially or in any other way responsible for any type of injury while wearing mace/flail items (belts, chokers, cuffs). This also includes any misuse of our fail/mace items by using it as an actual weapon against someone else or yourself. If the person you chose to harm with any of our products pursue any legal action, you the customer/owner of the item are 100% legally and financially responsible/liable. We will not be held responsible. That includes if you accidentally harmed someone with our products or yourself. You are still responsible. Please do not wear our mace products under the influence. By purchasing our mace/flail products you are automatically agreeing to these terms and conditions.

As stated above, these are real maces on our products therefore they do carry weight as a result you may experience soreness, redness or even potential bruising if you have sensitive skin. By purchasing any of our mace products you are automatically agreeing you understand this and are okay with it.

Maces are made of metal and are not stainless steel if you do not take care of your products example: wetting them may build rust. It is the buyer's responsibility to care for their products after purchase. We cannot replace products that are not properly cared for. 


You must be 18 years or older to purchase mace/flail items, by purchasing, you understand and agree to our age limit restrictions to these products. If we discover you are under the age of 18, we will issue an automatic refund and terminate the order. Parents, this means we are NOT responsible for your child, what they purchase and so forth. YOU are responsible for YOUR child. Same terms and conditions to our mace products apply, except responsibility roles on to you, the parent/adult. 


All packages are shipped via USPS. 

Please allow 4-8 weeks for items to ship. I am nor responsible for items once they are shipped, that includes if an item is lost or stolen. However please reach out to us if you believe an item is lost or stolen. 

If you are concerned about package theft we do have a tracked signed signature option, with this option the mailman will not leave the package unattended, someone in your household must sign off on the package verifying the package was received. If you are interested in this shipping option simply leave notes at check out or email us with your order number and we will add this option to your order. This option costs an additional $2.80-$3 dollars. Buyer is responsible for covering the additional charge. 

If a package is sent back to us via USPS, we will send it back however the buyer must cover shipping cost again. Once a shipping label is created, scanned and item ships out USPS cannot refund the shipping cost even if the item was sent to us, all shipping charges fall onto the buyer. 

Customers must select the correct shipping rate, earrings, belts and other mace products ship with different shipping rates, heavier items cost more to send out. 

We will not ship orders out if you select the incorrect shipping rate, orders that were made with incorrect shipping rate will be placed on hold until we receive full payment. 

Example: purchasing a cuff or belt with an earring shipping rate will place your order on hold. 

Example: purchasing a cuff and a pair of earrings and the earring shipping rate is selected, your order will be placed on hold.


Please note, once you make a purchase with us there are no refunds, returns or exchanges allowed. However if you are having an issue with one of your orders and it seems to have fallen on my end please contact me so we can come to an agreement. 


We ask that you include your notes at check out, we are unable to process your order without this information. If you forgot to insert your notes at check out, please email us with your name, order number and preferred measurements.

If you forgot to leave your notes at check out, and we constantly reach out to you with no response, your order will be placed on hold until you contact us back.

Please use measuring tape only to provide us with the proper measurements, do not go buy belt sizes.


Majority of first time orders are sent with an individual promotional code. This code is for your use only. Do not share or give away this promo code, if an order is placed by a new customer, and they use a promo code from your order, their order will be placed on hold until the full payment method is met. 

If we provided you with a promo code and it does not work please reach out to us as soon as possible.


If you make a purchase outside our Website via email, Instagram note that all Terms and Conditions still apply to you. You are equally are responsible, this includes outside of US orders. 

If you begin to place an order via Instagram, or Email but we have not received payment, we cannot put that order on hold or consider that or "in". This means you cannot begin to place an order then hours or days later want to pay, if the item you were placing an order goes out of stock on our website and your payment was not met, it means it is out of stock.


by purchasing any item from us on or off our website you understand and agree to all these terms and conditions.